4-Day TOUR VANOISE National Park

EXPLORE THE beauty of the vanoise park

Pralognan - R. Deux Eaux - R. Fours - R. Leisse

In this Bivouac Trekking we will adventure ourself in a new way to experience the nature. We will walk through the first National Park of Vanoise, a beautiful protected area plenty of biodiversity.

The landscape is composed by a mix of steep peaks higher than 3000 mts., magnificent glaciers based on the valleys, erosioning the terrain as they move down, and the alpine meadows full of flowers, giving as a result the perfect spot to be in the Alps.

The Trekking begins in one of the mecca's of alpinism: Pralognan en Vanoise. It's a charm and cosy alpine village located in the heart of the Alps, where the history of alpinist began 150 years ago.

From there the adventure starts, and everyday we hike into the alpine terrain world; crossing alpine passes, hiking up and down valleys, admiring the pureness of the nature itself. The National Park gives the opportunity to live a 360º experience.

Join us in this incredible 4-day hiking trip experience in the French Alps lead by a Professional Mountain Leader!

ℹ4-Day Trip/ 4-Day Hike


  • Discover the rich biodiversity of the Alps: chardon bleu, marmottes, red deer, wolf, bear...
  • Be amazed by the exuberant peaks and the glaciers of the National Park of Vanoise
  • Across six alpine passes higher than 2000 mts.
  • Sleep into the Wilderness
  • Best Quality Service; Small groups: 2 - 6 people

650€ pEr person



We start the journey in Pralognan, a cosy alpine village located in the heart of the Alps. From there we begin the climb, admiring the superb alpine landscape. Then, from the Vanoise Col, after a nice break, we descend towards the Refuge Entre Deux Eaux, where we will set up our camp.

Distance: 13 km + Ascent: 1200 m↗︎ + Descent: 500 m↘︎ Time 8 h 30 min (includes stops)


Today we ascent up a majestic and long valley from which we can see normally mostly all the glaciers that composed the National Park of La Vanoise, just amazing.

Distance: 17 km + Ascent: 1000 m↗︎ + Descent: 570 m↘︎ Time 9 hours (includes stops)


Progressively we enter in the alpine world. We will hike very close to the famous valley of Isere and we will across three alpine passes, getting up to the altitude of 2770 mts. in the Col of Leisse. This night we will look up the stars and the big mountain of "La Grande Motte" (3653m), one of the most significant summits of The Vanoise.

Today it's one of the most beautiful and most difficult itineraries of the trip.

Distance: 20 km + Ascent: 1100 m↗︎ + Descent: 1200 m↘︎ Time 10 h 30min (includes stops)


The hikes continues and the beauty increases. We hike up to pass under the biggest mountain of the National Park, "La Grande Casse" (3855 m.) and the biggest glaciers of La Vanoise. From the Col de la Vanoise we descend to the cosy alpine village of Pralognan.

The most magnificent mountains and the pure white color of the Glaciers keep our mind dreaming for the next adventure.

Distance: 16,5 km + Ascent: 470 m↗︎ + Descent: 1550 m↘︎ Time 8 h 30min (includes stops)


  • Professional Mountain Leader - Group equipment - Logistics management - Mountain Accident Insurance and Civil Liability in Europe


  • Accommodation - Guide expenses - Transportation (Plane, train, etc) - Food - Personal equipment - Any change that may occur during the trek due to any incident (weather, etc.) and that may involve a cost greater than that previously arranged between guide and clients.




  • Professional Mountain Leader - Group equipment - Logistics management - Mountain Accident Insurance and Civil Liability in Europe



*Private Demand for Tailor-Made Trip


Skill Level Required

  • Difficult

Fitness Level Required

  • Very Fit

Meeting Point

  • Pralognan-en-Vanoise, French Alps

Accommodations - Bivouac Mode

  • We've chosen the perfect spots to sleep in the outdoors. The areas where we sleep are designed "for bivouac" by the National Park of La Vanoise.
  • Everything is well-designed to be ready even in case of raining and sleep inside the huts.
  • Every night we will set up our basecamp into the alpine grass. The client must bring everything needs.

More information

  • You can spend around 400€ per person for meals and other extra expenses of the trip.
  • A moderate experience in the mountains is required. Must be able to walk 8 hours and ascent 1000 mts of gain altitude per day.
  • Once you've done the Booking Payment Process, your Mountain Leader will send you all the information you need to know before and during the trip.
  • If a client or student does not present the required or agreed level, both technical and physical, the Guide Manager can vary, if it’s possible, the itinerary or program to adapt to the level of the participant. Likewise, the Guide Manager may vary depending of the weather conditions, in order to guarantee the safety.
  • The guide/client ratio will be kept prioritizing the security criteria and respecting the minimum number agreed by course or activity.

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