Costa Blanca


" This trip is without a doubt one of the best destinations in Spain for hiking."

Alicante - Alcoy - Sierra Mariola - Bocairent

The Hiking Trip of Alicante takes place in the Southeast of Spain, in a region that was already known as “Lucentum”, the city of the light, due to the generous king star that floods this region with light. With an average of three hundred days of Sun per year and being the second most mountainous province in Spain, this trip is undoubtedly an ideal destination to start mountaineering.

On the occasion of the Andalusian reign that lasted more than 700 years in Spain, today we can still distinguish constructions from the cultural legacy left to us. We will visit the “Covetes dels Moros”, described as Historical-Artistic Monument, a series of windows excavated in the wall of Mozarabic origin that according to MAOVA (Archaeological Museum d'Ontinyent - Vall d'Albaida), were used by farmers to store the cereal. In addition, we will see in Bocairent “neveros” that were used between the 17th and 19th centuries to store snow and sell it throughout the region, in order to preserve food.

We will walk along the Via Verde de Alcoy, a path that runs along the old railroad tracks that never traveled, in a unique place that is the Font Roja Natural Park, one of the best preserved natural areas of the Valencian territory. Pine forests and Mediterranean vegetation abound in the area.

The highest mountain we will ascend on this trip will be the Sierra de Aitana, which with its 1557 meters. It boasts of having the highest peak in the province. The panoramic view of this route is one of the most beautiful in the region, as you can see the Mediterranean Sea, the islands of Benidorm and Tabarca and the majestic mountains of Alicante.

About Alicante gastronomy, the data speak for themselves: Alicante has 11 Michelin-starred restaurants. Influenced by the sea and the mountains, it demonstrates having a wide range of culinary dishes. Some examples are the Paella (Caldoso, black, with crust, vegetables, meat ...), the Olleta of musician (with beans, roast of lamb, blood sausage and penises of chard), the mojama ... And as sweet, the Nougat of Jijona and the Chocolate of Villajoyosa are the sour cherries.

ℹ 3-Day Trip/ 3-Day Hike


  • Benevolent weather all year round

  • Ascension to the highest peak in the province of Alicante

  • Rural accommodation located in the middle of the mountain

  • Historical-cultural visits of the Mozarabic legacy

  • Includes Professional Mountain Leader

  • Small groups. 2 - 8 people

490€ per person

Costa Blanca 3-DAY TREK SPAIN
Costa Blanca 3-DAY TREK SPAIN



Distance: 8 km Gain Altitude: 100 meters Duration: 5 hours 30 min. (includes stops)

Meeting with the guide in Alicante city. Private transport to Alcoy. Group presentation and explanation meeting of the trip. On this day we walked through the Vía Verde de Alcoy, a route that shows where the train tracks ran. We pass through various bridges and tunnels that have much to tell us. Located in the Natural Park of the Font Roja, we will have the opportunity to learn about the medicinal plants, trees and fauna of the place. We will also see transparent waterfalls, ravines and recreational areas, strategically located every certain distance, to enjoy an outdoor meal. At the end of the route we return to our respective transport to go for resting at our accommodation. The place where the "Masía la Safranera" is located is an ideal place to relax and recover energy for the next days.

  • FB Accommodation: Masía la Safranera - Rural house


Distance: 12 km. Gain altitude: 600 meters. Duration: 8 hours (includes stops)

At this stage we will touch with our feet the top of Alicante, the jewel of the crown. After breakfast we head towards "the Port of Tudons", at 1000 meters. Once there, the ascent begins. Progressively we go up the South face until we reach the military establishment, located exactly on the geodesic vertex of the summit. From the top of the mountain we will see a 360º view of the region of Alicante. The highlights of the route: it is technically simple, it boasts a 360 degree panorama and the distance can be adapted to the needs of the group. The second night we stayed in a farmhouse dating from 1768, located in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Mariola.

* HB Accommodation: Masía el Parral - Rural house


Distance: 4 km Gain altitude: 80 meters Duration: 4 hours (includes stops)

We wake up immersed in the nature ready to enjoy breakfast and continue travelling. In Bocairent we will visit the "Covetes del Moros", qualified as Historical-Artistic Heritage, and we will enter its cavities thanks to a local guide. We will learn what their uses were and how they managed it. The "cavas" will show us how they kept the snow between the 17th and 19th centuries. And finally, in the Paleontological Museum we will see real-scale dinosaurs, fossils, and the origin of the human race.


  • Professional Mountain Leader - Group equipment - Logistics management - Mountain Accident Insurance and Civil Liability in Europe


  • Accommodation - Guide expenses - Transportation (Plane, train, etc) - Food - Personal equipment - Any change that may occur during the trek due to any incident (weather, etc.) and that may involve a cost greater than that previously arranged between guide and clients.




Professional Mountain Leader - Group equipment - Logistics management - Mountain Accident Insurance and Civil Liability in Europe



*Private Demand Tailor-Made Trip


Skill Level Required

  • Easy

Fitness Level Required

  • 1

Meeting Point

  • Alicante


  • We'll arrange the group's reserves to ensure the spots. Once we get to the accommodation, you just have to do the admission.

  • The accommodations are Half Board (HB) and Full Board (FB): Room + Dinner + Breakfast + Picnic

More information

  • You can spend around 400€ per person for accommodation, meals and other extra expenses of the trip.

  • A minimum experience in the mountains is required. Must be able to walk 3 hours a day.

  • Once you've done the Booking Payment Process, your Mountain Leader will send you all the information you need to know before and during the trip.

  • If a client or student does not present the required or agreed level, both technical and physical, the Guide Manager can vary, if it’s possible, the itinerary or program to adapt to the level of the participant. Likewise, the Guide Manager may vary depending of the weather conditions, in order to guarantee the safety.

  • The guide/client ratio will be kept prioritizing the security criteria and respecting the minimum number agreed by course or activity.