1.- The activities and courses offered will be guided by Mountain Leaders UIMLA, or Technical Sports graduates by the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain, with competences in training and leading groups by the mountain terrain.

2.- The activity contracted may be suspended for meteorological or technical reasons, previous or supervening during the development of the same, not proceeding any refund of its amount in favor of the client if the activity is already started.

3.- If a client or student does not present the required or agreed level, both technical and physical, the Guide Manager can vary, if it’s possible, the itinerary or program to adapt to the level of the participant. Likewise, the Guide Manager may vary depending of the weather conditions, in order to guarantee the safety. The guide/client ratio will be kept prioritizing the security criteria and respecting the minimum number agreed by course or activity.

4.- The client declares, under his own responsibility, and after reading the contract, the following extremes:

a) That the activity and the risks involved have been explained to him, as well as the behaviors you should observe.

b) That he knows that the activity will be accompanied at all times by a Guide, whose instructions is committed to follow, assuming responsibility for the acts you perform and that are not in accordance with the orders or explanations received from the Guide.

c) That he/she has been informed of the prohibition of abandonment of any remainder or material, organic or inorganic, during the activity, having to assume the administrative sanctions or penalties that may arise from compliance with it.

d) That I do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, nor I’m pregnant, I do not suffer any injury that prevents me from carrying out the activity without risk to my health.

e) I’m older of the legal age (or has the legal permission of my tutor) to practice this activity.

f) That during the development of the activity, it will be in full physical and mental faculties, the intake of alcohol, drugs or narcotics is expressly forbidden, both with previous character as during the activity, as well as any medication that may compromise these faculties.

h) That a copy of this contract is provided, being in accordance with its conditions.

6.- It is the responsibility of the client/ his own transportation to the place of beginning of the activity agreed with the Responsible Activity Guide, unless it is agreed opposite for some of the activities in particular. The contract and responsibility affects only the direct work of guides and organization of the activity.

7. The loss, neglect or misuse of the material by the customer, contributed by the Guide Manager of the activity (beyond logical wear desuse or due to Force Majeure) will be the responsibility of the client and must be paid to the owner of the activity.

8. - In case the client voluntarily opts to leave the event, it is forced to hand over to the event guide assigned document declaring his decision voluntary withdrawal. In any case, the delivery of said document may not be guarantee the immediate abandonment of the event and this will be subject to factors such as weather conditions or the availability of adequate means of transport. The costs generated by the voluntary abandonment of the event for any other reason that is not accident, illness or other cases detailed in the compulsory insurance of the client (see section 2 - INSURANCE) will be at the client's own risk, whatever the nature of said costs (transportation, accommodation, etc.)


Whereby sports-physical activities are regulated in the natural environment, anyone who practices hiking should be covered by an accident insurance.

a) For journeys outside Europe the client must be in possession of it’s corresponding federation card.

b) For activities within Europe, accident insurance will be included in the activity price.


The prices of the activities are specified in euros and per person. They include direct services of the titular guide without TVA. Unless express otherwise literally, the hiring of external services (Hotels, shelters, meals, transportation, food...) will be charged for the customer.

3.1 - INCLUDED AND NOT INCLUDED in the trips


Professional Mountain Leader - Group equipment - Logistics management - Mountain Accident Insurance and Civil Liability in Europe


Individual material of each participant (Boots, Backpack, T-shirts ...). Each technical sheet will specify the necessary personal equipment that the client must bring for the development of each activity. Any change that may occur during the trek due to any incident (weather, etc.) and that may involve a cost greater than that previously arranged between guide and clients. Accommodation, Guide expenses, Transportation (Plane, train, etc), Luggage Transfers and Food.