"To professionally carry out the work of Mountain Leader, you must be fit, updated with the latest trends and techniques, be physically and mentally strong, and above all, love what you do to share it with passion."


Satisfy the clients offering a unique experience, minimizing the inherent risks of the activity and maximizing the enjoyment.


  • Our office are the meadows, the hills, the trails, the edges, the glacial lakes, the snowy slopes ... We can say that we are the kind of people which get back to the office when we've finished working.


He knows the mountainous regions of Tuscany, Alps, Spain, Nepal, Portugal and Morocco

Sergio Cisneros Galea

  • Professional Mountain Leader U.I.M.L.A.

  • Specialist in Snow Science - S.T.A. Lv. 2 (Security in Avalanche Terrain)

  • Wilderness First Responder

  • YTT 200h Multi-Style (Yoga Teacher Training)

  • Top Technician of Sports

Since childhood, Sergio has been practicing all kinds of activities in the natural environment. At the age of 15, he started participating as a mountain volunteer assistant in a social project in the city of Alicante, in the south of Spain, with the aim of giving marginalized people the opportunity to discover nature while opening up environmental awareness. A few years later, he became a professional in the health and physical activity sector, as a Top Sports Technician.

Then, after having lived many "backpacking" experiences around the mountains of Europe, Nepal and North Africa, he acquired the diploma of Mountain Leader.

Today, with 11 years of experience in the mountain world, he has created the label "Trekking Nature Experience" with the aim of making people discover the most beautiful corners of Europe.

Fluent in five languages, he has recently moved to Feissons-sur-salins, in the French Alps.

He knows the mountainous regions of the Alps, Spain and Nepal

Jordi Arevalo Pàmies

  • Professional Mountain Leader U.I.M.L.A.

  • Wilderness First Responder

At age 12 he discovered, in some adventure camps, the Alta Garrotxa, in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees. Since then, this area became his favorite playground, both for hiking and climbing. Over the years he discovered other areas of the Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula, Alps and the Himalayas, expanding his horizons.

He got a Degree in Mechanical Industrial Technical Engineering. Working during 4 years in the automobile sector, waiting for every weekend and holidays time to satisfy his eagerness for adventures.

With 28 years he left Engineering and went to Nepal, with his backpack on his back, full of dreams and wishes to meet other ways of life. He got back 18 months later, with his backpack full of experiences after touring Nepal and India. That trip changed him forever, devoting thereafter all his time and energy to share his passions: nature, adventure and climbing.

2 years later, he acquired the degree of Mountain Leader and "Wilderness First Responder", training in emergency medicine in remote areas.

Today, he has the pleasure of joining "Trekking Nature Experience" and having the opportunity to share both environmental interpretation getaways, such as trekking and adventure trips around the world. All activities designed with a great cultural component and always ready to tell subtle details which the nature hides, and then in that way our adventure is also an enriching discovery.