What experience should I have?

To enjoy full-time a hiking trip you must have a minimum physical and mental level status. Following that must, we pretend avoid situations of misfortune for oneself and for the group.

Is it safe?

In every mountain trip you will be accompanied by a Professional Mountain Leader certified by the UIMLA. He will provide you the highest safety standards of the mountain industry. While reducing risk to zero is impossible, our guides will maximize their resources to increase the enjoyment of the activity and minimize the risks.

I've never done Hiking. Will I be able to keep up?

That's why we design small size group trips, to be able to easily adapt to individual need. Maybe some days you will want to take a taxi to not to do the uphill section or downhill part. Every evening the mountain leader explain with many details how is gonna be the next journey of your adventure (distance, elevation gain, duration...)

How it works the Booking Process?

Please, click in the following link to read the Booking Payment Process.

What is the common group size?

We keep our group size small-typically between 2 and 12 guests—like that we can offer you a high quality service and a top-notch experience.

Do I have to carry everything on my back?

We provide luggage transfers on some hiking trips to give you an extra-comfort. Mainly all of our treks are designed to be self-sufficient, which means that everyone carry its own belonging throughout the trip.

We suggest you send us a request with your priorities and depending of the trip we will do as much as we can to fit your wishes.

Which is the best hiking trip? Tuscany, Sicily, Alicante, Canary Islands or Portugal?

We could say that we love every destination because each one has a unique ecosystem area with its vegetation, flora and unique wildlife that belong to that region. Even talking about gastronomy it's not an easy task: the italian food per example, it's known over the world but even the spanish and portuguese cuisine are delicious.


It's my first time. Can I do it?

The answer is depend. The first factor which determine if you are able to do a 4 Day Bivouac Trekking is not if you've done it before. The most important factor is your physical and mental status who determine if you can do it. You must have done before a trekking and be able to walk 6 hours a day bringing your own backpack.

How many kilos will I carry in my backpack?

Everything depends on your quality material, because nowadays everything is getting lighter than some years ago, even if you bring a small tent or if you sleep directly in bivouac mode (without a tent), but including your kitchen kit, sleeping bag, air mattress, food, 1.5 litres water, and other imprescindible things which you must bring, you will carry around 10 kilos.

What would happen if start raining during night time, could we sleep outside?

Every night we have a PLAN B. That means that if I know is gonna rain, we have always two options: sleep outside if you bring your tent or sleep inside an alpine refuge. You can decide it freely always that there is the possibility.